SACMEQ Managing Committee Meeting 2012

On Wednesday 10 October 2012 four SACMEQ Ministers; (a) Hon. Mrs Macsuzy Mondon (Minister of Education, Seychelles, and Chair); (b) Hon. Ms Mokabelo Mosothoane (Minister of Education, Lesotho); (c) Hon Mr Chikumbutso Hiwa (Deputy Minister, representing Hon. Mrs Eunice Kazembe, Minister of Education, Malawi), and (d) Hon Mrs Jessica Alupo Epel (Minister of Education, Uganda) met for the Fourteenth Session of the SACMEQ Managing Committee at the Southern Sun Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The SACMEQ Managing Committee is a sub-committee of the SACMEQ Assembly of Ministers that coordinates the SACMEQ’s administration and finance and meets once a year to review progress made in the implementation of SACMEQ research and training programmes.
The SACMEQ Managing Committee discussed the annual progress report on the implementation of SACMEQ IV Project and the proposed plan of activities for the year 2013.