SACMEQ Working meeting on the “Trial Field-Testing of Instruments (Tests, Questionnaires and Manuals) for the SACMEQ IV Project”

From 23-27 July 2012 representatives from all fifteen SACMEQ Ministries of Education gathered in the South African capital of Pretoria for the second SACMEQ IV Project Working Meeting. The main goal of this meeting was to trial-test the draft SACMEQ IV Project instruments. Representatives from the Ministry of Education in Angola attended the meeting to gain experience.

The meeting was officially opened by the Chief Director of the National Assessments and Public Examinations Department, Dr. Rufus Poliah. In welcoming the participants, the Chief Director explained the importance of SACMEQ in the development of the South African Annual National Assessments programme (ANA).

The SAMEQ IV draft instruments were trial tested in 10 primary schools in the Gauteng Province to determine their appropriateness. The SACMEQ National Research Coordinators and their deputies visited the selected schools to collect data using the draft SACMEQ IV instruments.