Management and Administration of Education

Botswana’s Ministry of Education comprises nine departments and three supporting divisions.

The nine departments are the following:

  • Department of Ministry Management;
  • Teaching Service Management that is responsible for employment of teachers;
  • Department of Vocational Education and Training, responsible for technical education and training;
  • Department of Non-formal Education;
  • Department of Curriculum Development and Evaluation;
  • Department of Primary Education;
  • Department of Secondary Education;
  • Teacher Training and Development; and
  • Department of Student Placement and Welfare, that is responsible for placing students in higher institutions and universities, their sponsorship and welfare.

The three supporting divisions are:

  • Division of Planning, Statistics and Research that is responsible for planning, monitoring and the evaluation of education policies;
  • Division of Special Education that is responsible for education of children with special needs and
  • Examination, Research and Testing Division that is responsible for national examinations.

For operation and management of schools, Botswana is divided into six primary education  regions, namely, Central North, North, Central South, South Central, Southern and Western. For the SACMEQ study, Botswana was divided into seven regions, with Gaborone taken as a separate region.

See the SACMEQ reports for more information.