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Written by
Obiero C.

This study examines SACMEQ policy suggestions and agenda for action on school resources and the impact of the policy interventions in Kenya’s primary education system. The research dwells on the extent the school instructional materials support, a large scale investment, has contributed to quality in primary education. The Government did also implement targeted infrastructure improvement programme for improving pupil learning environment. The Kenya SACMEQ I, II and III project data was used in this study that took place in 1998, 2000 and 2007 respectively. The school learning environment (SLE) and the School Instructional materials (SIM) variable scales were constructed using Item Response Theory technique. Descriptive and inferential analysis was used to explain level and trends of school instructional materials and the relationship to pupil learning outcomes in reading and mathematics among standard 6 pupils’ across the provinces. ...

Papers from the 2005 International Invitational Educational Policy Research Conference

Research Papers

Written by
Hungi N., Florence W. Thuku

International Journal of Educational Development, Volume 30, Issue 1, January 2010, pp 33-43

Written by
Kentaro Shimada

Africa Educational Research Journal Number 1, 92-109

Hungi, N. & Thuku, F.W.

Variation in Reading Achievement across 14 Southern African School Systems: What Factors Matter? International Review of Education, 56:63-11.

Tia Linda Zuze
Equity and Effectiveness in East African Primary Schools. Doctoral Thesis, Department of Economics, University of Cape Town, South Africa.
Juliana Nzomo and Demus Makuwa
How can countries move from cross-national research results to dissemination and then to policy reform? (Case studies from Kenya and Namibia), in: Kenneth N. Ross and Ilona Jürgens Genevois (Eds.) Cross-national Studies of the Quality of Education, Paris: IIEP/UNESCO, Chapter 10, pp 213-228.
Njora Hungi
Modelling Pupil’s Absenteeism: Policy Issues Arising from the SACMEQ Projects. (Pupil- and school-level factors that influence absenteeism rates among Standard 6 primary school pupils in Kenya). Paper presented to the International Invitational Educational Policy Research Conference, Paris, France, 28 September 2 October, 2005.