The Data Archives contains data files  for SACMEQ I, II & III projects in SPSS format. There are also a number of support documents and software that were developed and used during the respective projects. Part of the SACMEQ III data has been uploaded in the Statplanet application and it has been presented for illustrative purposes.

The purpose of providing archival data is to provide an opportunity to Education Planners and Researchers  in the SEACMEQ countries to conduct further analysis to aid in policy formulation for specific concerns in the education sector. The files can also be used in universities to teach, for example,  Quantitative Research methods. Postgraduate students may consider analyzing the data files for their research dissertations. Papers and Theses developed using this data need to acknowledge the data source as SEACMEQ and authors are encouraged to submit a copy of their work to us.

To access Data Archives, register as a user by creating a new account whose link is available at the top right hand corner of this website's front page. The link to the Data Archives is visible only to those who have registered. You are also requested to strictly uphold the SEACMEQ Policy on Data Collection Instruments.