SACMEQ’s daily operational activities are managed by the SACMEQ Coordinating Centre which is staffed by the Director, and the Technical Manager. The SACMEQ Coordinating Centre provides administrative and technical support for the SACMEQ National Research Coordinators and their Deputies. The SACMEQ Coordinating Centre also works with partners to obtain funding for the cross-national co-operative components of SACMEQ’s research and training programmes.

Tasks of the SCC include:

  • Secretariat  for SACMEQ
  • Coordinates the SACMEQ  training and research program
  • oversees the implementation of SACMEQ projects and manages the quality of the research
  • Provides technical assistance in organizing and implementing SACMEQ  studies
  • Provides technical assistance in data processing and data management for SACMEQ studies
  • Provides technical assistance in data analysis and reporting
  • Maintains relationships with member countries, partners, and external funding and research agencies
  • Organizes SACMEQ cross national activities including working meetings to facilitate capacity building for National Research Teams
  • Supports National Research Teams initiatives for disseminating SACMEQ results.


The SACMEQ Co-ordinating Centre is located at:

International Institute for Educational Planning
7-9, rue Eugène-Delacroix
75116 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (1) 45 03 77 00
Fax: +33 (1) 40 72 83 66