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SACMEQ’s daily operational activities are managed by the SACMEQ Coordinating Centre which is staffed by the SACMEQ Director and the SACMEQ Technical Manager.

SCC Staff



Mrs Toziba Masalila (Botswana) joined SACMEQ in 2012 as the Deputy Director from the Ministry of Education and Skills Development in Botswana where she worked as Director of the Department of Educational Planning and Research Services.  She was appointed Acting Director from January 2013. Mrs Toziba Masalila has two Master of Arts Degrees, including a Masters in Educational Planning and Management obtained at the IIEP in Paris in 2007. Her thesis was based on data collected for the SACMEQ II Project. She was the SACMEQ National Research Co-ordinator for SACMEQ III Project in Botswana, and had previously worked with the Botswana Central Statistics Office for 17 years before joining Ministry of Education in 2005.




Mr Gerald Chiunda (Malawi) joined SACMEQ in 2013 as a Technical Manager. He was seconded by the Malawi Examination Board where he was the director of Research and Test development. Gerald Chiunda is currently pursuing a PHD in Educational Testing, Measurement and Evaluation with the University of Malawi. Before joining SACMEQ he was the Deputy National Research Coordinator for Malawi.




Mr Richard Wambua (Kenya) joined SACMEQ in 2013 as the Data Management Specialist. He previously worked at the Kenya National Examinations Council as a Principal Research Officer and Deputy National Research Coordinator. He holds a MEd (Educational Psychology) degree specializing in Psychometrics. Richard has taught Research and Educational Measurement in universities and a technical teachers college in Kenya.  Richard has conducted research, published articles in refereed journals and made presentations in national and international conferences in a broad range of topics in Education.




Ms Jocelyne Vellien (Mauritius) started work at the International Institute for Educational Planning (UNESCO) in 1991, and is responsible for managing contracts, travel, correspondence, and archiving for the IIEP’s programme of co-operation with SACMEQ. This work includes key administrative tasks related to the organization of training workshops for SACMEQ National Research Co-ordinators as well as biennial meetings of the SACMEQ Ministers of Education that are held at the IIEP at the time of the UNESCO General Conference. Since 2007 Jocelyne has also provided secretarial support to the SACMEQ Co‑ordinating Centre Team that is temporarily located at the IIEP. In particular she assists with the planning and preparation of missions and training activities undertaken by the SCC Team.

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