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StatPlanet Map Maker

v 2.41
Map Maker

(ZIP* | 11 MB)
updated 23 May 2011

Create fully customizable interactive maps & graphs and publish them online.

Design your own Flash map or use the included World & USA maps. Read more.

StatPlanet Plus

v 2.4

Download StatPlanet Plus

(ZIP* | 19 MB)
updated 23 May 2011

Advanced version of StatPlanet. Supports large datasets, ESRI shapefile maps, and map/graph/data exporting.
StatPlanet Lite

Download StatPlanet Lite

(ZIP* | 1.5 MB)

Lightweight version of StatPlanet. ESRI shapefile maps are supported. Read more.
StatPlanet World Database

v 2.0
Download StatPlanet

(ZIP* | 2.8 MB)
Visually explore over 250 world development indicators using StatPlanet. Use this free educational software to learn about the state of the world.
Graph Maker

v 1.0

Graph Maker

(ZIP* | 2.3 MB)

Create interactive graphs and charts.

*Instructions for opening and extracting the files.


StatPlanet is available in Bahasa Indonesia, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. See also translation.

Country interactive maps:

Below is a list of country versions of StatPlanet.

To create or load your own map, download StatPlanet Lite or StatPlanet Plus to load maps in the ESRI SHP format, or use the map template included in Map Maker to custom design your maps. For an example of a custom designed map, see this school map of Seychelles: demo | download.

• Afghanistan map:   | download  
• Botswana map:   | download  
• France map: demo | download lite version | download StatPlanet Plus version  
• Georgia map:   | download  
• Indonesia map:   | download  
• Kenya map: demo | download  
• Lesotho map:   | download  
• Malawi map:   | download  
• Mozambique map:   | download  
• Namibia map:   | download  
• Netherlands map: demo | download  
• Nigeria map: demo | download  
• Romania map:   | download  
• SACMEQ map   | download  
• South Africa map: demo | download region map | download district map  
• Swaziland map   | download  
• Tanzania map   | download region map | download district map  
• Turkey map:   | download  
• Uganda map: demo | download region map | download district map  
• UK map:   | download  
• USA map: demo | download  
• Zambia map:   | download  
• Zanzibar map:   | download  

User guide:

StatPlanet User Guide (PDF)