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StatPlanet Map Maker has been used for a wide range of purposes, such as for monitoring HIV & AIDS at country level, mapping human development trends, visualizing global marketing data, and analyzing the implementation of national programs.

Feel free to download, modify and use any of the examples below.

Corruption Perception Index interactive map

Corruption Perception Index - Interactive Infographic
View | Download

Organization: Transparency International
Customization: Map legend

Interactive scatter plot Interactive scatter plot example
View | Download*

*Included with StatPlanet Map Maker
Seychelles map of schools

Seychelles map of schools
View | Download

Organization: Ministry of Education, Seychelles
Customization: Custom map displaying schools as map points

Interactive map with popup images

Human Evolution - Primate fossil finds around the world
View | Download

Organization: EduTube
Customization: Popup text and images when moving the mouse over a country

USA interactive flash map

USA - Interactive Map
View | Download*

*Comes bundled with StatPlanet Map Maker

Interactive map Teacher Codes of Conduct

Teacher Codes of Conduct - Map Portal
View | Download

Organization: UNESCO-IIEP
Customization: Clicking on a country leads to corresponding country document

StatPlanet Dark Themed Map

StatPlanet - Dark Theme
View | Download

Customization: Interface colors

Thematic map Africa Africa - Interactive Map
View | Download
Thematic map Asia Asia - Interactive Map
View | Download
Thematic map Europe Europe - Interactive Map
View | Download
Thematic map Latin America Latin America - Interactive Map
View | Download
Thematic map Middle East Middle East - Interactive Map
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Customized interactive map

Custom Region Interactive Map
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