Membership, Governance & Management

SACMEQ’s policy and programme is set by the SACMEQ Assembly of Ministers, which is the Governing Council for the consortium. The 15 Ministers of Education of the participating school systems are members of this Assembly. A rotating Chairmanship heads the SACMEQ Assembly of Ministers which meets biannually. The set policies are implemented through a number of committees and coordinated by the consortium secretariat based in Paris. SACMEQ secretariat is known as the SACMEQ Co-ordinating Centre (SCC).

SACMEQ Committees

The SACMEQ Managing Committee is responsible for coordinating the details of SACMEQ’s administration and finance. The committee consists of five Ministers of Education that are elected by the SACMEQ Assembly of Ministers for a two-year period. Constitutionally, Zimbabwe's Education Permanent Secretary sits in the Committee as an ex-officio member. Current members of the Committee are the Ministers of Education from South Africa, Angola, Lesotho, Kenya and Tanzania (mainland). A rotating Chairman heads the SACMEQ Managing Committee, which meets annually. The current SACMEQ Managing Committee members are:

Hon. Mrs Angelina Motshekga (Chair), Minister of Basic Education, South Africa.
Hon. Mr Pinda Simao, Minister of Education, Angola.
Hon. Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Kenya.
Hon. Dr. Shukuru Kawamba, Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Tanzania (mainland).
Hon. Mrs Makabelo Mosothoane, Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Lesotho.


The SACMEQ Scientific Committee provides training and technical support and advice to the SACMEQ Coordinating Centre as well as to the National Research Coordinators. The committee consists of a number of experts (Professors, former and current NRCs) that are recommended by the SCC and appointed by the SACMEQ Assembly of Ministers. It is headed by a Chairman. The current SACMEQ Scientific Committee members are:

Prof. Kenneth N. Ross (Chair) (Australia)
Dr Ana Passos (Mozambique)
Dr Joseph Chimombo (Malawi)
Ms Motseng Maema (Lesotho)
Mr Meshack Moloi (South Africa)
Dr André Leste (Seychelles)


Each Ministry of Education is overseeing the country operations of each SACMEQ member through a Steering Committee. This national committee consists of a number of high-ranking officials from the countries’ ministries of Education. The Steering Committee oversees the work of the National Research Co-ordinator and his/her team.

Coordination of in Country Activities

All SACMEQ activities within a country are coordinated by National Research Coordinators. The SACMEQ National Research Co-ordinators (NRCs) and their deputies are appointed by their respective Ministers of Education. They receive general and technical support from the SCC and the SACMEQ Scientific Committee.